Hi folks.
I’m wondering how you all are doing but I’m interested in hearing from those of you who are or are expected to be on LOCKDOWN in the next days or weeks.
How are you coping?
Here is my message to you and those who have experienced lockdown:

While y’all are on LOCKDOWN, It would be nice for you to think about ALL those INNOCENT men who were and are presently on LOCKDOWN either in temporary correctional facilities or in prisons around the world.
Much ado has been made of Julian Assange’s illegal incarceration and while he rightly and very much belongs in the list of men to give thoughts to during this period of pandemic LOCKDOWN panic, his condition is no different to that of the thousands of INNOCENT men who share and have shared his fate, with the exception that his case has gone viral ( and rightly so ) while the cases of those many others have largely been ignored by the media and the population at large - you -, seemingly oblivious to the conditions that your tax monies allow.
For having myself shared their fate and come out mentally scarred for life, I can attest to the damages that such incarceration bring about on an INNOCENT man.
Your complaints of such LOCKDOWN, while understandable, show how much removed you all are to the plight of those INNOCENT men who were and are presently incarcerated and forced to share a few square feet with dangerous or otherwise mentally unstable individuals and with whom ceaseless diplomacy is needed in order to make a day pass without incidents or otherwise dramatic events.
While the present population LOCKDOWN permits all of you to enjoy a kitchen where delicious foods can be cooked, a full bathroom where bubble baths can be enjoyed, a comfortable living room where books, music and movies can be consumed and a bedroom where a sweet soft bed can used… the LOCKDOWN that those INNOCENT men have to suffer with permits NONE of those home comforts.
For those INNOCENT men, there is NO kitchen to cook a delicious meal in, no bathroom to enjoy a bubble bath in, NO living room to enjoy a book, a movie or music in and NO bedroom with a sweet soft bed to sleep in.
In those temporary holding facilities or in prisons, the food is brought in plastic trays, tuck away in tall open carts on wheels where the food has plenty of time to go cold by the time it is served. There is often no music to enjoy and the books are brought in by volunteers ( bless their hearts ) while the TV is stuck on the most boring channel one can think of. The beds are of cold hard metal on which a thin foam thing that doesn’t deserve the name of mattress can often be found torn and used beyond any existence of comfort on which sleep comes but a few hours at a time before a 6am wake up call is rang in with sugarless coffee and a sorry-looking thing that pretends itself to be breakfast.
Could this present state of worldwide LOCKDOWN, while enforced by human authority, be a devine admonition at best or a punishment at worst for the general apathy and lack of solidarity, if not outrage, for the conditions that those INNOCENT men have found themselves in?
While my humanity leads me to frown on such a notion, my sense of justice often, and daily, cries loud and clear that it is the case.
I will leave you with an admonition of my own: unless we humans decide to give interest to the injustices that daily plague our world, worse things will happen besides being forced to stay in a comfortable home!

I shall not respond to any post. I just logged in as an EVE player to create this thread and I’m logging off now. I may read your responses offline… if I’m in a good mood.
Y’all take care now.


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I… I don’t… I hope you are well that is all.


Many Innocent people die of covid pneumonia because of others selfishness, stubborness and self centeredness. Thier so called freedoms and rights which in reality just selfishness and self centeredness cost other obedient people thier lives. Instead of following protocols to protect OTHERs they are against it because its against their selfish freedom, selfish rights and selfish comfort.

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I thought it would be a lot worse, so I am surprisingly pleasently surprised. :ok_hand:

Play EVE, watch animu, whatever you like.


Oh my :cry:


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