Locking and scrambling

Should I hit my scrambler button while my target is in the process of being locked? Or should I wait till my target is completely locked, before I hit scramble?

I’m not an expert on exactly what happens when during the server tick, I just know that turning on the scram while locking will make sure that it turns on the as soon as it can. It’s kind of like buffering inputs in other games.


single target: always pre-activate, you save a second in which your target may get away

multiple targets: it depends…

  • if you have some targets locked, and some locking, you can’t pre-activate… you’ll just scram someone you have already locked
  • if you are locking multiple targets but want to scram a specific one, you’ll need to wait… you don’t know in which order the targets get locked
  • if you are locking multiple targets, and don’t care who you scram (FC calls “spread points!”) go ahead and pre-activate