Locking BPOs

I have an alt who is CEO of a corporation so he has all the roles. I’ve been trying to lock BPO assets in a hanger or a container within a hanger, i.e “right click” item select “Lock”. I’ve noticed I can asset lock a fresh new BPO successfully. ME/TE research unlocks the BPO and I can re-lock the BPO after the research is done plus making BPCs it seems keeps the BPO locked. BUT when I purchase a already researched BPO I can’t asset lock the BPO; the option to “Lock” the BPO does not appear in the “right click” menu. Also, if I ME/TE research a fresh new BPO before I asset lock it; I can’t lock the BPO after its researched.

I don’t think its me but maybe I’m doing something wrong. Am I missing something? IF its a bug CCP needs to fix it…

What I usually do is to put “unlocked” bps directly into the Corp hangar,( Wich members don’t need to have acess to use,so it’s safe) and “locked” bps into same here hangar but in a container( Wich can be locked, and/or have a password. That works just fine, if you need to research a bp , just get it from container and select use bp.

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