Log Off and go back to Charakter preview 2.0

Hey o/

15 Years and a new Forum later the same old Feature-Request:

Please! Let us get back to Charakter Window after “Log Off” and “Log Off Safely”…

There is maybe one Dev that shows mercy on us and can implement this Feature after all this times?
(Hope dies last)


It would require a serious rewrite as there are several things that assume that your character ID doesn’t change during a session.

CCP has already said a few times it would require a fundamental rewrite of the entire client to achieve such goal.


do you have some links to official threads? i only found some historical discussions of player and reddit-threads without offical statements about the problems to recode the client. I mean the last time we got a new launcher and a new character preview (only a facelift?).

That feature has worked at various times through the years. It always breaks something, or something else breaks it.

Its mainly a result of a LOT (read- damn near everything) of what you do ingame is tied to a character id- markets, skills, assets, corporation membership, etc. The best you’ll likely get is an option to have the game immediately restart the client for that account upon logging out.

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