Logging in to 3rd Party Apps with EVE Account

I’ve recently returned to the game, and I noticed a lot of the third party resources (e.g., zKillboard, EVEMarketer, etc.) have options to log in with my EVE account.

Is it safe to do this? I might be paranoid, but this is EVE.

Yes, its safe, although its still best to check that the URL of the page it redirects you to is ‘login.eveonline.com…’. You should also see a list of the information the site is requesting from your account/character. If you aren’t comfortable with any of it don’t login to that site. (Third party sites can’t request information like username, password or billing information)

Your login information is processed by CCP’s server rather than the third party site. CCP’s server then says: yep, thats the guy, I’m going to give the website access to the following information about your character…

Also best practice with account security still applies, so its highly recommended to get 2-factor authentication for both your account and your E-mail!



OK. That gives me some peace of mind. I always use 2-factor authentication. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

It is basically the new system compared to the old API system that all the 3rd party things needed

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