Logi Interaction Between FW War Targets and Neutrals Enables "Hiding" Behind CONCORD

It is possible for a non-FW capsuleer to provide remote assistance to a FW capsuleer without becoming flagged, even in High-Sec. This is a result of individual enlistment in FW, wherein a single pilot can enlist without the rest of their corp.

For example, Bob and Joe are FW players at war. Bob and Joe can aggress each other freely in any security. Today, they are fighting in a 1.0 system. While Bob and Joe are in combat, Sal, a corp. member of Joe’s, can repair Joe. Sal, who is not a FW player, remains neutral to Bob. If Bob were to attack Sal in an attempt to eliminate Joe’s remote repairs, Bob would be tagged as a criminal and destroyed by CONCORD.

Sal, although participating in the combat as logi, is shielded by this potential CONCORD response.

I find it unacceptable that a player can directly support corp.-mates through remote assistance while being effectively invulnerable. I also find this use of CONCORD to be deeply out of line with the core intent behind High-Sec.

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This is within the conditions as set out by CCP when they changed War mechanics:

What HAS changed since is allowing a single pilot to enter FW without leaving their corporation. By the specifications of the rules you are correct. This should be fixed.

At least you know now why it broke.

Thank you for the information! I’m not sure where else to post about this. Hopefully someone on the CSM takes notice. In the meantime, we will continue to stand down structure defenses due to invlunerable Nestors. :frowning:

You could file a ticket with support. F12 in game. If you can include some screenshots of how you see it being abused that helps, be sure to include the accurate timestamp and date.

This mechanic is broken. I could see at least 3 ways to abuse it including what you have reported.

I have linked this thread in the Known Issues thread.

and by the way. It should not be able to attack a friendliy miliz what happen to me yesterday . So I reported this already and GM told me to report this in this forum . I think that make no sense for me doing fw. So I left fw again between 1 day… It should not be able to shot friendly miliz. Insane.

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