Shield / armor repping random pilot

So I wanted to practice shield repping in my osprey I just got. I did it a few times and I enjoy the support side and assisting! So I started to shield rep this rattlesnake doing an emerging conduit and all of a sudden concord comes out of nowhere and takes me out. I’m like WTF, I didn’t have a suspect flag, the person I was repping had a 5.0 sec. status, no suspect flag or criminal. He was in a fleet with 2 other ships which I was repping them as well. Where did I go wrong or what am I missing? Are you not allowed to shield rep anyone who isn’t in your fleet?
Simple answers, please.

Removal of neutral assistance

Under current mechanics, if a neutral character applies a remote assistance module (such as a remote repairer) to another character they can receive a suspect flag if their target meets all of the following conditions:

  1. is involved in a war (including normal wars or FW)
  2. does not share a corp/alliance (or FW side if the war in question is the FW war) with the assistor
  3. is engaged in PVP (has a capsuleer logoff timer)

As well, area of effect command bursts currently apply to every member of a pilot’s fleet that is within range, without distinction for whether those fleet members are at war.

In both of these cases, the resulting gameplay can be frustrating and unfun as combatants cannot effectively engage neutral repair ships until they activate their modules and cannot engage neutral command bursting ships at all without incurring CONCORD’s wrath.

Recently the bulk of the community feedback we’ve been seeing on these particular issues has been in favor of making direct changes to remove these tactics.

After the April release, the penalty for direct targeted neutral assistance meeting the conditions above AND occurring within highsec will become a criminal flag and CONCORD response. The safety system will prevent the activation of the targeted assistance modules under these conditions, so we suggest that support pilots in highsec engage their safety at either green or yellow levels to prevent unintentional CONCORDOKKEN.

You were most likely killed by Concord due to this change, though we’d need more specifics to be certain.

@Scoots_Choco thanks, fly fun

Keep your safeties on green or at least yellow.

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