Can you armor/shield rep as a neutral party without being concord'ed in high-sec?

Hi, back in the days, me and my old corp got dec’d by some random pirate corp. Although we were noobs, we had the numbers, or so we thought. At the first fight with them, it actually looked like we were winning, until a bunch of neutral logi ships showed up and rep’d enemy ships, seemingly without any Concord consequence. We tried to fight them off, but there were too many and we just didn’t have the dps for it. Is that still a thing?

Yes you can.

Keep in mind if you rep a flashy you will be flagged suspect though

Ships with big alpha strike damage are good in such case because they can pop targets without giving logi time to react or rep before target will be down. FC should say the target name and everyone then attacks.

I see. Is this common with war decs in high sec?

very. it’s a great way to keep real fleet numbers hidden and catch someone by surprise.
be aware however you can easily counter it with neutral ecm/damp pilots since they go suspect when they interfere.

i always bust out a max dps megathron when i see fleet fights on the undock, most of those guardians are being multiboxed so they only follow broadcasts and forget to check the condition of their ship for easy kills.

yes, first order of the day if you intend to try and fight a hs wardeck corp is scout them with a neutral alt, for example the dudes in vmg ustz have around 4 guardians and two onieros floating about, guardians are pretty standard fit; i believe they also lightly operate with some other groups in the area like PIRAT and will have nestors on standby to… to be very honest when decked by these groups theyre not worth the hassle of setting up so i dont tend to move out of null or jspace for them.
General rule of thumb for them seems to be two or three neutral reps for each non neutral toon, they dont intend to actually pvp and they remain as irrelevant to me as ever as a group… though if you were so inclined you could probably mess them around a bit with a griffin or blackbird… again, a lot of waiting around for very little actual content.

At one time we had 100+ decs active and near zero targets. Eve uni would show up salty with a vexor fleet often so that was fun.

This goes against everything I thought to be true in Eve. I thought if you repped you got Concorded, no such thing as a ‘neutral party.’

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