Remote shield support while being ganked

Hi, I always had the doubt.

If attacked in High sec by gankers, it is allowed for the victim to be shield or armor supported by logi from another player to survive the attack until concord arrives and kills the attacker?
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You could ask @Githany_Red though I don’t think Concord is coming.

You can be repped by others, but only as long as you do not carry out a hostile act against your attackers, if you shoot one for example the reps would stop as you are in a engagement with the one you attacked, and the people repping you are doing a criminal act by repping you at that point, it used to be a suspect act by the way. As most people repping do not have their safety on red as you would expect their reps would drop.

Just as Dracv said

Two to 3 logi will have a bad effect on a gank add in DPS and ewar and they can be in trouble . But if they see your resistance they will often up ship and add in bombers or battlecruisers to overcome your efforts

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That is a fanstatic comment Githany Red as frostpacker can’t understand what Dracvlad said nor would frostpacker believe such wordsalad reply as to our knowledge Dracvlad seems to be in cahoots with the likes of Aiko…


Stop resisting!

Still relevant (flag inheritance), although not the easiest of articles to read and absorb. Shield support would fall under the category of “assistance modules”. See first table in article.

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I can’t help it,

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“Stop resisting!”, I find, is such a polarizing comment :nerd_face:

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Don't tase gank me bro!
– Uncalm miner


WTB: polarized bomb launcher

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That would make a great addition as don’t they blow up their bombers each delivery?

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Nah, not if you pre-align correctly and have the steps all lined up in your mind before uncloaking (get some training first) :stuck_out_tongue: So a lot depends on the quality of the grid preparation. Bombing on the fly however, in a fluid battle or under heavy TiDi, is another deal where you just accept that you’re very likely to lose the stealth bomber. Just make the other guys lose more, or at least use your psy advantage to let them get very worried so they fumble their counters :smiley: It’s a great weapon system for a game like EvE. Our bombs are impartial and true neutral !!

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Now imagine if it worked like that IRL

Oh wait it does.

Why the real world reference ? Do you remote shield rep IRL ?

Are you an F1 Monkey IRL ?

Maybe those are just scout alts. :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk:


Do you have aliases IRL ?