Logistics Problems in deep space

I rome around in a marauder in nil sec shooting anomalies everywhere but as I am getting deeper into space more and more I need to resupply in deep space I use my miner/huller chick to hull Amo/Cap/Drones witch has to jump a great number of jumps. The problems with doing this kind of deep space anomaly hunting is I can’t find any place to dock easy or at all so I have to resupply in space and load drones into my BS I really need to use drones but cant load them so this need to be fixed so you can load drones in space. Second I don’t like the fact I cant use probs to scan around anything with as I would like because you no longer can shut down one mod and reactivate another mod like a drone launcher, this should be something a ship can do while in space.


Mobile Depots act as an in-space fitting service and storage facility. Once you deploy a depot, you can use it to refit your ship’s modules and subsystems, move items between it and your cargohold, and move drones between your cargohold and drone bays. A Mobile Depot takes up only 50 m3 of space and will easily fit in most frigates. It can hold 3,000 - 4,000 m3 once deployed.

This also helps with your second problem as well.


Thanx for the help I didn’t know anything about mobile depot.

You know Null Sec is the FRONTIER of space right?

Think of NS like the wild west. No facilities just you and your guns.

Yea, well my guns don’t solve any problems out there stealth and evasion dose better in my line of work.


can you still do this out there i thought these days unless you were in a big corp its just too much of a pain to solo

Meanwhile you’re doing ‘dualboxing’ far null-sec anomalies in a Marauder. Do you know how strange is it? Now you must know about another fundamental mechanic in this game - locator agents. With the help of those little pesky agents, most hunters find targets like T5/T6 Abyss runners, AT ship owners, ‘fatty’ haulers, ‘purple friendly’ hi-sec mission runners, afk miners, etc. I tested that stuff, and that’s very effective especially if you have an entire corp of alts.

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