High slot change in the wormhole


first. i want to ask you if its possible to change equipment (like High Slots weapons or other modules etc.) when ur actually in the wormhole… or generally in space

so my question is what you need for that. i actually know theres a opportunity but i cant remember how it exactly worked…

and second I would like to hear your opinion about what is better suited for a beginner if you want to salvage ships in space… the salvage drone or the salvager module.

And if its better to use a mobile tractor unit or permanently ship installed tractor module…

Thank you very much for your help

fly save



Yes definitely possible and common.

You need either to dock at a station that has fitting services (unlikely in a wh), or, what I think you’re really looking for is a mobile depot. They have fitting services

You bring a MD with you in your cargo bay (doesn’t take up much room), deploy it (takes about 1 min to become active) the right click on it and select Fitting Service. Then it acts like fitting in a station. You just need to have the parts with you. (don’t forget to take the MD with you when you leave! (i.e. scope to cargo bay)).

Very commonly used in wh’s and null.

When you use it in null, can you use it to assemble a ship that has been stored inside? For instance, having a packaged frigate inside an industrial that you want to take out and activate?

Good question.

I presume so. Havent tried it.

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