Putting a module into mobile depot instantly repairs it

Just found out this today when doing a burner, is it intended?

First I’ve heard of it.

POS code probably broke it XD

Have you checked if this works for a drone too?

Bug report it by pressing the F12 button, do not go here in the most wrong place you can go for this.

I think its a good feature. Its like a small repair shop.

I don’t know because mobile depot does not allow putting drones into drone bay to my knowledge.

Hmm… Drones however can be repaired in space anyways, by swapping in remote repair modules (via a mobile depot).

Arguably this benefits drone ships unfairly. However since drones/drone related modules cant be overheated… dunno.


Many patches ago you could still refit with refit service when you have weapon timer. This is no longer the case though. So I suppose that could save some time on pve but doesn’t have much effect on pvp. And enemy will shoot mobile depot anyway.

The issue with this would be the “free” repair.

Albeit, it could be argued that carrying/deploying a mobile depot constitutes enough cost/risk/effort for free module repair.

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