Logon today 03 March

Is anyone else having trouble logging in after the cluster shut down today?
I was logged on fine prior to the shut down, but now 55mins later cannot get back in

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Updates generally happen on Tuesdays, so if it’s a bit later on a Tuesday then just assume it’s an update thing.

This brings back memories…never login on expansion day (or sometimes the next day and the next after that too).

I miss those times.


I still stick to that habit, same with the connection issues a few weeks ago: I’m just not going to bother, get worked up about it and lose ships over it.

it’s the new triglavian region and triglavian stations deployment. there’s a thread about it here:

expect a big update download and a whole new load of content!

Yeah, right…

Show official announcement or don’t spreed that ■■■■■■■■. If ccp announced before going live with things like blackout, or wh changes I will be really, really surprised that they didn’t announced in advance something that will probably change structure of whole game.

But I guess that any fuss is better for a game…

i have 100 bil. saying we get some new triglavian content at the latest around eve’s birthday’s time. how much do you have that says otherwise?

I don’t need to bet anything to know that we don’t get anything today. Because topic is about today extended downtime.

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Oh boy, looks like the server is in an extremely fragile state right now :confounded:

TBH, I was having issues before downtime as well

it’s back on now.

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