New mysterious TRIGLAVIAN structure to be introduced to New Eden? Hidden clues for us to uncover?

Hello fellow capsuleers,

So through the continued incursions into abyssal space, we have managed to retrieve enough material and supply it to research institutes that we have been awarded with two new Gila skins: the Gila Abyssal Exostorm and Gila Abyssal Darkfield skins. What I find even more interesting than the two new Gila skins is the mysterious structure shown in the background, in the poster for their presentation. Taking into account the perspective and the fact that the structure is clearly some distance away in the background, I dare to state that it is a large structure, comparable to a station, if not larger. Could this be a new type of structure ready to be introduced to New Eden?

Also, regarding it’s design and shape, there is an obvious vent or nozzle on one side and it seems to be ejecting something shiny. It could be a concentrated form of energy or radiation or something gaseous. Towards the other side, the structure expands, similar to a mushroom. The central part is divided into an inner, cylindrical part and three outer shells or conducts. Both these and the central part connect the nozzle and the mushroom-like expanded part. It looks like the expanded part houses constructs for generating some large amount of power which is then ejected through the nozzle part. I will go even further and suggest that this is some kind of weapon and not a propulsion system, as there is only a single nozzle and I see no stabilizing nozzle or exhausts, as would be needed in the case of a propulsion system. But a weapon system this large… would surely be capable of planetary-scale damage.
In this direction, I also point out the cosmic event that can be seen further out in the background of the structure. It looks like a large-scale explosion, with it’s blast reaching and partially engulfing the structure in question. Again… maybe a planetary-scale weapons system?..
The three shells, along with the fact that the structure can be seen in the background of new triglavian skins, make me think it has obviously something to do with the triglavians.

What do you guys think? Any opinions, information or theories?

Here is the poster with the structure in the background:

Adrian Vexier - “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


Woha! This is so interesting! Can’t wait for it! Bring on the PLANET KILLERS! Yo-ho!

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this would be one of the biggest upsets since the introduction of upwell structures. could be interesting. i hope ccp does a good deployment of them. looking forward!

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Omg a piece of scenery.

Nearly as exciting as Large Collidable Object: Depleted Station Battery


Is that one of the ones that spins? I like those :slight_smile:


Tbh I think its just a Gallante station.

are these new npc stations or will we be able to build and anchor them? if so, what are the material and skill requirements?

That is not a Gallente station. It looks like one, but it’s not. Ohh… this is making me nervous and uneasy.

Can I ask how you know?

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Yes, you can and you may. Ask me!


Genuinely interested, how do you know that it isnt?

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It is a simple answer, actually: I, like many other capsuleers, have explored this cluster a fair bit. And I’ve warped to and even docked in a fair amount of stations. Some of those were gallente. Over time, I grew accustomed and started remembering their design. And the structure we see in that poster is not like any structure I ever saw so far. Also, the nozzle that this guy points out is quite unique among structures. There is something similar in amarr structures, the Theologic Council ones, the undock area. But only the light is similar. Also, some Minmatar structures have some fire vents, but they are more than one and are smaller and situated upwards and really don’t even look similar.
Really, I can’t place the structure anywhere in New Eden. Can you?

Im afraid I dont have your edetic memory so I cant say for sure, but Id have gone for one of those stations that looks like the olympic torch.

The structure pictured doesn’t have any of the so far seen halmarks of Triglavian design though that can see

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Yes, the pictured structure does indeed look more curvy and has a gallentian look to it, I’ll give you that. However, I think I know the “olympic torch” gallentian structure you are referencing and while somehow similar, it is different. The lower part is very thin and the upper part is more like a potato, an irregular blob… This one is symmetrical on the tall axis. We will live and see what the future brings to us.

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ROFL I just pictured it as if they will be like signatures. Every time you planet kill a planet, another one pops up in another random region.


The planets drop citadel skin loot boxes.


Or begins generating a new region

From a glance it looks like some older graphic asset.

I think it may be three or four different assets, stacked together to provide an interesting background.

This was the “station”