Logos Descartes Bounty 1,000,000,000 ISK Reward

Wanted for financial crimes at the Tranquillity Trading Tower including extortion, rate fixing & conspiracy to defraud. Logos Descartes is wanted dead with a Concord accredited bounty of 1 billion ISK.

Last seen piloting an Impel space craft in the perimeter system between the Trade Tower and other Test industrial up well structures.

Genuine kills will be further rewarded at my discretion.

Bounties are pointless anymore. A % of the estimated value of whatever garbage ship they are flying… yeah…

No thx. I’d rather lose ISK doing Resource Wars.

If only there were a way to get station traders in rookie ships. Good luck!

Send me the isk and I will hunt him down or your money back!

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I’m not sure how you’d determine legitimate kills. All he’d need to do is fire up an alt and kill his own ship, even if it’s a more expensive one… collect a few hundred million - profit!

That’s why the built-in bounty system is so pointless. It goes so far to mitigate abuse that there’s little incentive left.

As I said at my discretion, the other way I’d pay is just 1/2 value minus hull insurance. The current bounty system is fine IMHO, abusing it is bannable (falls under average price prohibition). it is really the best system that I could imagine with current game mechanics.

Excuse me, but a bit more flair around this would be really nice. (it’s a game :p)

Like … what did he do? Who is he?

Give us a story!

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Half the entertainment is that he’s willing to waste more money instead of learn an expensive lesson and move on.

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You’re imaginary! :open_mouth:

If 1bn ISK is an expensive lesson for you then you then you must not have had much schooling and are clearly under achieving in Tranquillity with the gifts that capsuleers are given.

Solstice my good man from Hek,

Logos Descartes entered into a trade market in direct competition with Corporation where he was offering absurdly low items for trade. So low that they are robbing the lively-hood of both traders and manufacturers alike. He was offered polite & frank discourse on his manners by Ronja but refused to heed so a bounty has been placed so that lessons may be taught.

He is a legitimate target for bounty hunters as he flys freighters and Impels to and from Perimeter, I feel 1bn ISK should insure he is made a primary target for local gankers such as yourself or that he is robbed of his ability to safely fly a such craft, As I said legitimate kills may be further rewarded.

I can’t gank freighters! :smiley:
Not sure my CEO, with his squad, can do it either.

I mean, we probably lack the firepower.

So you say he’s trying to kill off competition by offering ridiculously low prices?

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