Lone Bull Shipyards Recruitment Drive


I welcome you to an industrial/small gang pvp corporation. Our members are made up mostly of people have fun in the North American time zone.

What we have in stock for content:
Ship replacements for fleet led activities.
Skill plans to train into what you want out of the game.
Ship fittings to try out for your game style.
No log on requirements.
Voice Communications are a requirement for operations with fleets.

What we have been doing lately, shattering dreams:

We want to see an application that is not blank. Please give us time to view it and accept it.

Thessale Buelle


Just your friendly bump. Recruitment is still open. You can visit our in-game channel called Gallente Mining Association or hop on our discord: Gallente Mining Association I believe this link is only good for 7 days as of posting. See you soon :slight_smile: !

Thessale Buelle

This is a recruitment bump. Please stop by talk with us.

A friendly recruitment bump. Ask any questions. Right now we are running stealth bombers and mining rare ore.

Your friendly recruitment bump. Mostly mining rare ore these days with the fun stealth bomber fleet!

Another recruitment bump. Please join us for bomber fleets and mining.

Our kill-board. We are actively recruiting :slight_smile: Lone Bull Shipyards | Corporation | zKillboard

Null-sec moon mining and pvp fleets. Please contact us in game to join us today!

Please reach out to us in game. Find out what we are up to. Join us in null-sec.

Please reach out to us in game. Null-Sec PVP and Mining. We welcome new and old players alike.

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