Long ranged polarized variants

Basically as the title said but rather than make them 1-1 give them worse tracking and rather than removing resistances give them major penalties to speed/agi

They weren’t included for a reason. You could get 35k+ alpha from a machariel if that were the case.

These modules with no stats could get 35k alpha…

Up the rof rather than the damage modifier. This is why i said you can’t make them 1-1

I’m sorry, I misunderstand. You mean they couldn’t be used in a duel or 1v1?

That would benefit you and not penalise you. From range, you have less worries about tracking and you’ll be far away enough not to care about align time anyway.

Well, I had an artillery 5 spec toon with maxxed machariel skills. 18k dps was all I could get with t2 guns and some tank, unless things have changed.
Also, when using long range weapons you need to be moving as slowly as possible in relation to your target. This means penalties to speed and agility would only effect someones chances of warping off in time.
As for not answering the 1v1…I don’t know how they could coordinate several people having to fire simataneously. A 5 second period?

You guys don’t snipe much do you? Holding still only maximises your tracking if you’re shooting an idiot holding still or flying at you. You want to move in order to minimize your movement relative to the target. Not to mention this makes it far easier for the target to close on you.

You like to try and entice silly childs play I see. I’ve sniped longer than you’ve played. Your thread is basically a waste of text. Like originally stated, they weren’t made for a reason.
Get a thicker skin boyo.

Only if they were remarkably expensive (200-300m each), to make alpha fleet doctrines unviable.

The only thing that can currently beat an alpha doctrine (commanded by someone who isn’t an idiot) is a bigger alpha doctrine, or a respectably large capital blob… even then that’s worth being concerned about dropping caps into because they can still blap fighters very quickly.

Alpha doctrines don’t really move around much once they’re in a fight. In small gang or in solo sniping, sure the speed/agi penalty would hurt, but you’d see massive abuse in large fights where they’d be able to maintain critical mass for a MUCH longer period whilst still not sacrificing their own tanks.

I would like to see polarized variants of all kind of weapons, such as a polarized cruise missile launcher etc.
They are fine as they are now, maybe they could get the same range as T2

maybe a polazired ship?

I’d worry about what ABC’s could do with this. Lock speed nerf may be appropriate. But even then, ratting with them may be a problem.

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