Look at the Success of Twitter / X

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter and began to allow true free speech their numbers have skyrocketed.


Yes skyrocketed…true…

But the fact you don’t mention is that it skyrocketed DOWN :stuck_out_tongue:



Is that something only spoken by True Scotsmen ?


demonstrably false, twitter lost half of its original sell price and the platform is in its worst state in its entire lifetime


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Elon literally admitted that his purchase was a poor business move. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Paid WAY too much for it.

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I’m conviced he bought it too destroy it :smiley:

Yes, CCP, do like Elon does, he’s our hero :rofl:

I expected nothing less from the Eve Forum Community. Misinformed and delusional. Elon will make a fortune from X. Anyone that thinks X was better before obviously prefers a one-sided conversation.


We (posts here) never said he won’t. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

I SAID he purchased it at a bad price. Don’t put words into my mouth lad.

I think he will turn a profit given time obviously that is how business works. To make money and stay afloat.

I don’t know who you are, why would I “put words into your mouth”?

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