So what happened?

Thought I would bring this back to light and ask why he never followed through with just about any of it…

Seems like everything he said they wouldnt do they did…

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Such as…?

Try reading it might help with the such as question. Biggest line to point at then I’ll let you do your own homework. “The investment of money in eve should not give you an unfair advantage over investment of time” so much for that.

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I mean, that’s VERY open to interpretation.

You can drop $1,000 on PLEX, cash it into ISK, and then buy yourself the blingiest ship in the game and the immediately lose it a to a gank since you don’t understand how to play the game.

You can also to the same and get a whole bunch of Injectors and skill yourself up to 100m SP, only to lose immediately in every fight because you get blobbed since you don’t know how to peel off into favorable engagements.

So unless you provide some actual examples, you can just sit here and talk about vague interpretations of things you don’t know anything about.


Lol ok

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Got nothing more than that?
Come on.

You claimed:

So you should have at least ONE example.

Just a tip: If you are going to start a thread in a forum then don’t be surprised when people ask you questions or to justify your position.


Pay no attention to Scoots. He’s a little myopic in his view of the game.

You could also take that $1,000.oo worth of PLEX and become the richest trader in the game. Or one of the top builders. Or buy a lot of ships to build a fine low sec pirate corp ship replacement program. Or many other things that don’t involve gate camping and ganking exclusively.


If you count just the ISK you have after selling $1,000 worth of PLEX as being a “trader”, lol.

This one is even worse of an attempt since the “top builders” (whatever that means) require a lot more than just having isk in your pocket. But you wouldn’t know what you’re talking about, so why bother.

One of my builders hangars. Going to shift the goalpost now?

As for top trader my willfully stupid fellow capsuleer, you know that’s just a starting kitty (a pretty good one) and not the finish line.


You know, competent players who know what they do can purchase those things too. So why always use the newbro example? Because that’s the only case where it doesn’t look like pay2win?

But good boy helping Hilmar out here to justify his multiple monetization vectors. So he knows he can just add more on top and you guys will happily defend it.

Just read the first few sentences. He was not sorry for what they attempted to do, but for the way they did it so that players immediately recognized the over the top greedy ■■■■ he tried to push down our trouts.

He was basically just sorry he did not boil the frog slower.

And they learned from that. After that they always introduced this changes piece by piece with a lot of made up justification about how it’s not a big deal. And it worked, the community even defends that ■■■■ now. Just look at the example above I quoted.

So they figured it out how to introduce those things. Good for Hilmar I guess, no need to be sorry anymore. Bad for the game though.

I mean they literally introduced gambling last year and people are OK with it. Compare that to the stuff that caused the summer of rage, it’s completely silly.


Yes sir. One reason I felt this should come back up is all the crap they have been doing the last few years. When I read that letter back when it was posted I thought to myself…“yea right”
But I stuck it out, after the last year I couldnt anymore. I had plenty of isk, assets and skills but just isnt fun anymore. Also helps all my buddies quit after 8 years so I was left looking for a group to call home for the last 3. But I am derailing myself here.

What gets me is most of the stuff he said in that letter save for a few small bits was all bs. Like “listening to the warnings”. Lol yea how did that go for fozzysov, roq mining, FW, insurance scams, Wars, citadels. The list of things the community tried to warn them about and never listened goes on and on.

I love reading the forums now but thats about it. Pretty soon the amount of toxic people on here will rival Darkfall 1.0 forums. Maybe one day just maybe someone with passion for eve will buy it and fix it.

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Hilmar never wrote that, it was written for him as a direct response to players mass usubbing due to FEARLESS.

He didn’t mean it, I doubt he even understood what he said. He was just a sock puppet for a marketing guy.

Excessive multi-boxing is pay to win.

Many people that I know are happy to sub one or two accounts, but after a while they find that they cannot compete against pay to win excessive multiple accounts and give up. So in the end Eve will end up being 250 people with 25 accounts all using the vast amount of plex they built up to continue playing while CCP continues to decline.

I always thought that excessive multi-boxing would drive single account subscription players out of the game, and it was just a question of time.

Sad end to what is a great game.


But nothing is won…I get the gripe against multi-boxing but the only winners in this situation is PA, not the player.

Everything ends and Eve has been in the 4th phase for a while now…which is pretty amazing TBH.

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Conflict is won by excessive multiple accounts, Eve is a game of conflict, my friend Equ with a single account, and me with two accounts were unable to defeat a player with nine accounts. It enabled him to cover all the bases and counter all the play. This is not difficult to understand…

Though what made me quit was that we tried to use the kill right system to get around this and found that this player would get immediate notification of this and we had to wait for up to an hour before we could activate it, making it useless. It was yet another example of mechanics being not fit for purpose and aiding those with a particular play style.

And just to make it clear, it was nothing to do with that loud mouth aussie twat who farms in Uedama, it was someone else.

As a footnote to this little story, the player I mentioned is still playing Eve, but that is because they are someone a bit special imo, however how the hell are CCP going to retain new players with this bullshite? And that is why CCP have issues.

I think over time PA loses…, plex only works if there are people using their credit cards to buy plex, if that dries up then all you have left are the vast plex reserves owned by excessive multi boxers which accelerates the death of Eve as that means no money to CCP. It will be sad to watch this happen.

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Ok…what did that person you “lost to” win? The answer is probably “the conflict” but that is not a thing and it was only temporary. If you would have won then you folks would have won “something” but 100% guaranteed you would not have that thing forever. You would have your personal victory but you didn’t “win Eve”…

In a WoT match, one can win just but buying/using gold rounds. The goal of a WoT match is to be the winner (last tank standing). That’s clearly defined and markedly help but using gold ammo…there is no parallel in Eve (yet)…

I suspect you are substituting “winning” for “dominating” which is what a multi-boxer can do…and you would be correct there…

So then what we probably would be looking for is probably sales to get people to buy PLEX but no price drop due to increased supplies.

It is not difficult to understand. Though some people will of course make it difficult to understand because why not?

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My question was’t difficult to answer either but here you are…

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