Looking for 300 mill or more, investment

I have a drug problem. I need to drink a quafe a day otherwise i die.

Investing in me is investing into the Quafe futures. Cause im gonna buy as many quafes as i can.

Lets make New Eden great again!

Minimum investment is 50 mill in 50 mill incriments.

People who invest more than 100 mill will get a virtual kiss from me.

200 mill or more will receive a nice mail.

300 or more, and I will personally come to your station, and station-hug you.

All investors will have their name engraved in this little statue i made. Will post pics.

If you invest 300Mil with me i’ll teach you better ways to make ISK.

This creeps me out, can I pay to not have this happen?

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You missed your stop, Jita was a while back

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