Needing help with an investment if anyone is willing

I’m trying to get myself into a 10/10 maze tengu but I hit a snag. I cant seem to make enough to cover my omega status and buy a lot of stuff at the same time. and its slow for me to make any isk.
I was wondering if anyone would be okay with loaning me like 800m to get a good ish tengu fit to do 5/10s -8/10’s. needing a bit of help but will be willing to pay back 50% more then what you gave me so basicly interest. just not good with percentages.

but if anyone is willing to help. send a mail to Dota Sins ingame with what your investing for (if its for shiz and giggles then that’s up to you. xD

but pm if I’m online and we’ll talk for abit.

Try the Market Discussions forum. Also you’re gonna want to find some kind of collateral to offset the risk on the part of the investor. I’m tentatively interested depending on what you can arrange.

Send me an in-game message and we’ll see what we can work out.

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