Looking for 9 more players for our System Blockade team and Kill team for the Forward Operating Bases

The Grand Industry of Sealand which is part of the powerful Trade Federation that rules the interstellar shipping lanes and trade in our sysytem is looking for 9 more players to join our blockade team.

All players are welcome, Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the person is more important than the SP. Ships and guidance will be given as seen in both our interests for us to remain strong.
This 20man strong division will require you to keep a jump clone in our system at all times so you can defend the system if and when required.

We will also be destroying the forward operating pirates bases round system and 5 jumps out to keep the system safe whilst our slave miners strip the belts dry in system daily.
Join today and we will support you in your pvp/pve ambitions.

We offer the following
Deathstar POS currently being built
PVP – Wormhole Attack
Level 4 & higher mission running
Free Salvage
Fleet support
Mining fleets / ops w/Orca support
Corp buy back for your raw materials
Opportunity for promotion
Support for new players (skills, mods, ships, etc)
A growing collection of BPO’s to manufacture from

Additionally, there are solid plans underway for mission running, exploration, and anything else the corp members want to be involved in. If you want to do it, the corp will support you.
We currently have a good mix of veteran and new players. Nothing is mandatory - your time is yours, you will never be told what to do and when. We don’t ask for much, really just
Mature attitude
Discord & a mic
and that’s it. Promise. For more info either reply here, or get in touch in the following ways:

Private Chat / Mail: Luke Reynolds
In Game Chat: Sealand Guest Channel
Discord: Sealand Guest Channel17

Any takers?

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