Looking for a alliance

Hi I have a little corp that is looking for a new home. I have 3 stations two Raitaru and one Athanor in corp there is 3 alt and 1 player that would like a new home…

Thats not alot of information.

You wanna keep those stations? Then you atleast gotta tell us which region you are in. No point in joining an alliance, if you live on the other side of the map.

Whats your playstyle, what do you offer to the alliance, what do you want from an alliance?

Hi sorry your right ok the 2 Rautaru are in Esescama and 1 Athanor is in mendori and 2 alt are all about industry and mining there can fly orca’s 1 is 9.6m and 5.9m the last is my main is for pvp and pve he is 23m if you need more info just pm again

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Jump into RPR public chat and ask for contact info for our alliance.
Chat:RPR Public
Sorry I’m at work and I don’t have the right info off the top of my head

Alliance, somewhat close to where you are now looking for small - medium sized corps to grow with. Inquire in the chat channel “Front Public” in game for more details.

we just started a new alliance out in provi and looking for pvp and indy corps to join
If you want the life in null join our discord channel
And you can put a application in to the alliance

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