Looking for a Corp to learn and grow

That’s impressive that you started data/relic sites on your own. Cherry Defense Systems has two shared bookmarks folders where we upload data/relic sites while scanning for gas. We have several people scanning sigs around the clock, and frequent alliance mining ops with free links/boosts/compression. We are a core member of The Initiative. The most powerful neutral state in null. Which grants us access to a variety of moons and ore so that you always have somewhere safe to mine. We can help guarding gas sigs, running ghost sites, compressing gas/ice/ore, finding crokite/mercoxit/r64/abyssal ore, clearing gas sites and clearing wormhole sites. If you’d like to liquidate your ore we buyback all ore at Jita price, and provide free hauling within one cyno jump of our refineries.

Once you’re ready to pvp… Well, we took out 4 Fortizars and a Sotiyo since New Year’s. These were my favourite fights from this month,
barghests vs ikitursas
vargurs vs ikitursas
hero gas miner baits and survives to tell the tale
Tsuki solo tanks six stealth bombers

Because of the amount of space we control, it is easy hack and mine 24hrs per day, if you bring enough coffee! I have plexed 46 times, and so can you!