Looking for a fit that can do anoms in agels 0.0

Hello guys !

I’m looking for a ship and a fit for clearings agel anoms, even 10/10 dead in solo ?

Can you help me ?

there are different ships and tactics for each site.
VNI well worked untill the nerf, then Ishtar and then rattlesnakes , gilas and carriers/supers.

For 10/10 tengu, rattlesnakes or orthrus.

Look at Zkillboard. Look through regions where Angels pirates operate and then come back with a fitting from there and ask whether this is good or can/should be improved.

You can do all the DED complexes in a Myrmidon or Dominix, depending on your wallet.

If drones are not to your liking, the minmatar HACs would be an obvious choice but the tempest will be just fine.