Looking for a loan

Hello! I understand that normally people want a collateral of 100-105%. However, I’m unable to offer that amount of collateral at the moment, so I will unfortunately have to ask for an uncollateralized loan. I will require a total of 40 billion isk over a 12 month peroid in order to invest in some T2 rig production
Interest: 5%
Early Payout: 1 Week notification
Minimum Investment: 1 Billion isk

Remaining isk required: 40 Billion

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And I will unfortunately have to reject this application for an uncollateralized loan.

Why do you need 40 billion isk to invest in T2 rig production? One of the smallest T2 Rigs will cost a couple million isk.

Are you by any chance an alt of @helpmeimpoor ?


Actually, i’m planning on making T2 Structure rigs. I talked to some people, and it seem like the bigger the rigs the better the margins

Yes. And if its your own ISK, its great.

But If youre asking other people for isk, then start smaller.

Otherwise, the best margin is keeping the 40 billion isk for yourself, and not returning it at all.

But why would I start with a smaller amount? I hear some people can make billions weekly just making mining/industry structure rigs and selling them to small corps, so why can’t I begin there?

If you have the Isk, you can begin there.

If you are asking other people for their ISK, you cant begin there, because no one will fill this loan.

You cant begin if you dont have the ISK.

Well maybe someone will help kickstart my industrial career :slight_smile: There’s a lot of helpful people out there

Its not a helpful person you should be looking for. You should look for a stupid person instead. Much more successful that way.


The person who told me to try this was a very helpful person. I didn’t catch his name, but I remember he was part of the “sc lounge”
He told me that my best bet for making a lot of isk early on would be to gain a lot of capital and produce capital and structure rigs because those can be turned into a lot of profit very quickly

I’ve already laid out my plans. I’m going to use the isk to invest in T2 salvage materials to make T2 structure rigs (and maybe some capital rigs if they’re profitable). If I tell you exactly which rigs I’m planning on making, then you might make them too and try to take away my profits

Assuming this is a genuine request:
T2 Structure rigs are not a good place to start for a beginner. Yes, they are high margin, but as a trade-off, they are low volume.
In this case, your rigs will sit on the market for a long time with your investment sitting idle, while you wait for somebody to purchase it.

T2 rigs are a great place to start, I would recommend smalls to start, and get used to the process and the T2 salvage market that way, then work your way up through the sizes.

Some small T2 rigs have margins of up to 150%, with high volume. Your investment is getting turned over quickly. You are making 150% margin once a day rather than once a week or less. An added bonus is as @Solonius_Rex said, they only cost a few million, not 40 billion.

Now some advice for loans in general.
The most obvious being Do not ask for an uncollat loan on your first day on the forum. You are going to get laughed at.

Do not ask for large sums of ISK first up. People want to get to know you and know you deliver on your promises before risking larger amounts.

Have a solid plan. Not just “Some guy in SC Lounge told me to get some ISK and make T2 structure rigs”. Research yourself, work out what you are going to do, outline it to your investors. If people are investing in you, they have more than enough ISK to worry about crashing your markets.

Give some history on yourself. What have you done in the past for ISK making, how long have you played the game, who have you played with? The more truthful information you can give to people about yourself, the more likely they are to trust you. I say ‘truthful’ because your lies will almost always be found out in this game. Some people have some serious investigation skills.

Finally Do not respond negatively when asked questions. Honestly think about the questions and think about why they are being asked. Will finding the answer to those questions solidify your plan? Or does it make it seem less viable? When you get defensive over questions or statements it makes you seem childish and if you can’t form a decent response it means you haven’t thought your plan through.

I hope this helps you out in some way for your future in Eve, and good luck.


It’s not…just look at the locked threads today…

I sorta read that “some guy (Cor_El) in SC lounge” :wink:

SC lounge talks are usually addressed to the persons who holds extra liquid and have some kind of involvement with market influence on specific parts such as t2 salvage etc. And making that loud - I’m into t2 structure rigs and need 40 bill so folks feed me out! Ain’t gonna work here.

Char DOB: 2019/06/20 01:26 shocker there roughly the same time as the second topic asking for 35b uncollat was locked. most has already been said all ill add is dont use a fresh alt to make your posts, use your mains, they may have some reputation to apply even if you dont know it.

If this is your main then you have no idea what you are doing yet and should anyone lend you ISK you probably should just biomass the char and run away.


It’s ok now, the loan has been filled. Thanks all!

Oh thats great news!

This is the first time ive ever seen a loan being filled by a mysterious stranger, a day after everyone shooting it down because it was ridiculous!

But this is really good news. You are really lucky.

I look forward to hearing how you won the 2 million dollar lottery tomorrow.


pretty obvious fake update.

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