LOOKING for a lowsec mining corp

I am an ALPHA player. Although I am new to this game I am trying to fit in this large universe. SO I have been mining for a while. I was part of high sec mining corp for some time. I think that it is time to start mining in LOWSEC. SO can any generous corp take me in for learning the basic of lowsec mining?

you should move it to the recruitment center section of “corporation and alliances” in this forum

With the new refinery moon-mining mechanic, there’s little to no benefit to low-sec mining. If you want to move out of high sec, you should consider joining a null corp or move to a wh and do gas harvesting.

We are medium-sized wormhole alliance that lives in a class 4 wormhole. We have an athanor running that rarely gets mined out so you are welcome to join us because we need miners :slight_smile:

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