Looking for a rookie corp

My three friends and I are looking for a corp to join as we are all very new to the game, we don’t know much about earning money or anything similar so we would be very greatful for any help. Since summer break has started we can play a lot for the next two months. One dude is away from home rn but will be back in a few days and the rest of us could probably join right away.
As i said, we would be playing a lot now but probably around two or three times a week during the school year. We are from Croatia but are all fluent in English, all have alpha accounts and arent very eagre to spend 120$ a year on the game for an omega account but you never know. We are open to using discord or anything else you throw at us.
Thanks in advance,

Greetings mate. I may have a very good corp for you guys , but need to discuss some topics. Please hit me on my discord, name is kritikosk8. Or send an in-game mail on this character.