Looking for a Rookie Help Corp (Preferably Gas Scooping Help)


My three friends and I are looking for a corp to join as we are all very new to the game, we don’t know much about earning money or anything similar so we would be very greatful for any help.

Since summer break has started we can play day and night for the next two months. One dude is away from home rn but will be back in a few days and the rest of us could probably join right away.

Thanks in advance,


maybe GDawn is interesting for you and your friends, it looks like we have the same interests. :slight_smile:

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for a good corp search you should probably add

  • the timezone you are usually active in
  • the activity rating (casuals who only play like 2 times a week, or nerds who play for hours every day…)
  • the preferred language for everyday smalltalk
  • the status of your accounts (Alpha or Omega)
  • are you ready and willing to use voicetools (TS, Discord, Mumble etc…)

It helps a group to judge if you would fit in there.

Be careful: Many corps promise everything, but simply want you as tax-mules and miningslaves to cheaply buy your stuff. And actually they teach you little to nothing. A good recruiter is willing to have a personal chat with each one of you and ready to answer many questions, is open about the strengths and weaknesses of his group and will give you a fair picture of what you can and cannot expect in there. Anyone who tries to recruit you with an invite-link and a one-liner, doesn’t want to invest time in you or don’t give you information about their newbie-programs, services, tax-/fees-/buyback-rates, corp-ops etc. is probably a bad choice.


Greetings mate, if you like the huffing way of life, we are perfect for you. Please send me your discord or send me an mail in-game for details.