Looking for ambitious players 8)


(Gulsen Y) #1
     ¤ Requirements

-Armor skills
-PVP experience
-Self sufficiency
-Social, active and most importantly be a team player
-LOWSEC: willing to take SEC status hits
-FULL api key required
-Working microphone & TS

       ¤ Benefits 

-Friendly corp mates.
-Growing alliance + experienced players
-Stand and fight mentality.
-EU/US timezone active pilots and fleets
-TS & discord

Pub channel KAFANCE
Gulsen Y & Sansa Vaquesh

Recruitment video:

Returning Player looking for a new home
(Dasko) #2

Hit us up, we have cool stuff to show

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looking for more pirates to recruit. Join KAFANCE for more info!

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Feel free to join KAFANCE ingame for more info about us.

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thanks jacuro! hope you are good?!
to the audience: iz an awesome corp! join!

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