Looking for corporation in nothern bloc or null NPC near delve. Small gang / solo

(Skessa Hornet) #1


I m looking for a corp here, in the big new eden world.

First i present myself irl because we are playing with people and not with pixel. I m almost 36 years old, working half time as civil engineer and self-guide in iceland. Yeah the small native country of eve. I think i started EO one year ago or something like that, but as very busy irl with my works, wife and children, i cant play as much as I would like too. Then, winter is here, I have a little more time for EO. I play 4 hours a week, sometimes more sometimes less.

What i like in Eve, is the metagaming (read reddit and some site of news about eve) and pvp. I hate pve activity. I m in alpha account and i plex to have the money to buy ship and fight. I prefer this as pay for farming.

That i understand since i started Goon are winning eve that‘s why i m looking for a corporation on the north side. (or a coalition that are fighting goon). We need to have more jedi, fighting the imperium.

I have tried to make my own mercenary corporation against goon, and live in delve NPC; but not many people want to live there, so i was still alone in this hostile space and it failed. So i m looking for a corporation that lived in the north coalition , or fountain NPC or delve npc , or west stain . It can be an alliance that i go inside with my corporation (my 2 toons) or a corporation that i go inside with my toons. I play mainly solo but it s good to have dudes in corp chat to speak with and i m not against making some fleets. If you have some logistic possible near Delve, I m very interested. I want to roam more in goon space with this kind of ship : https://zkillboard.com/kill/72163778/ (small kiting ship)

I can fly all subcap minmatar for alpha, Oracle, Coercer. And i m training this new toon to fly vexor / algo for more possibility to pew pew. Here is the kb of my first character : https://zkillboard.com/character/2113466835/ I have not pvp yet with my current toon, hope to frag soon under your flag.

I can speak english, french, little icelandic. I want a corporation that is mature, not doing scam, and with good athmosphere inside, not raging when loosing because eh it s just a game, no bad talking in local chat.

:boom: Krypted Gaming - Lean, mean 0.0 PvP
(RevJesu Marek) #2

RevJesu Marek here. I’m a recruiter for Noble Guardians. We require a positive kill to loss ratio, but Alpha characters are welcome in the hands of experienced players. We are in fountain and offer the usual amenities. Please contact me if interested.

(Skessa Hornet) #3

Hi :wink:

It s nice but you are in the imperium, i m looking for the other side sorry ;p

(Skessa Hornet) #4


is there some corporation in the north coalition that can accept player that want to make their best to improve their skill pvp, as alpha player?

Want to small gang especially vs goon.

(tbagger98) #5

So, we are in delve… just not NPC Delve… come make bank with us!