Looking for High-Sec PvE corp


I’m looking for a PvE corp which lives in high-sec.
I’m not a newbie player but also I’m not a veteran (also I’m not a native english speaker, but I can try voice comms if needed), and PvE is the activity I like the most so far, I already did mining and PvP before but it’s not what I really like.

Today I’m already in a corp but I’ll leave as soon as I find a new PvE corp, because the corp I’m currently in does not do any PvE content.

Thanks! o7

Hello Azuki waterfall industries is actively recruiting new and old member alike we offer
Moon mining
Mining fleet
Boosting mining fleets
Live in .5
Also have a incentive program
try us at our discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/FtcsbCy or msg me in-game at BloodFlake Paaltomo

I hop to hear back form you

Hail Azuki Kusanagi,

I am a veteran recently returned to the game and have made a new avatar (this character) and I have today founded a PVE/RP corp to run missions for the Caldari State, principally the Caldari Navy. I am currently at level 3 agent standing and would love to have some company.

Raata-Shihai Navy Command recruitment office

Feel free to contact me in game should you wish to discuss the matter further.

Hey, thanks for the reply!
Does this corp do PvE activities? Your message mentioned everything except what I’m looking for :sweat_smile:

We do Mining,mission running and boosted orca fleet or is there something
else your looking for

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