Looking for HS PvE/Indy Corp

Hi there!

I’m looking for a HS group with chill and active people, preferably in Caldari or Amarr space. I’d like to try FOBs and Triglavian Invasions. I also like running L4 sec. missions, but I’m growing tired of soloing them. I’m okay with PvP, but it’s not necessarily something I seek.

I’d like to get involved with the corp and be a meaningful part of it, so I prefer smaller (up to 50 members) corps. This also means it’d be great if the corp had either Discord or Teamspeak. I’m not native speaker, I’m from CZ, but I think I can manage english just fine.

What I can offer:

  • Alright fella, shy at first, but perhaps that will change over time
  • Willing to learn new things and adjust to corp needs
  • Wanting to share experiences with new players, I don’t care whether your ship outputs 100 or 1000 DPS
  • 50m SP, I can fly almost all sub caps

Hit me up here on via in-game mail, name is Alpha Czech (I’m omega actually).

Fly safe o7

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You can also browse or post in r/evejobs on reddit. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

I look for the same thing also!! Euro tz

Check out Leviathan Rising in game. They live on an “island” in game with moons and isk making opportunities. They currently are expanding and looking for some new blood. Plus they’re not but two-three jumps out of a Null sec region.

If you have more questions send me an evemail in game or check out their Bio and talk to Mialta or Sunstar

@RattIesnake @Alpha_Czech

If you’re still looking, hit me up in-game. Let’s talk.

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