Looking for like minded pilots in EUTZ\USTZ

Custos Caelorum Academia (CCA.) is an EVE Online non wardeccable player corporation looking to have fun and enjoy playing EVE with like minded newbros, veterans, Alpha and Omega players willing to follow few simple rules: No scamming, no ganking, no griefing and no drama. Both dedicated and casual players are welcome and we understand that real life always come first.

Our Corporate Tax is set at 0%. Our goal is not to get money from our members but to find the right people to fly with.

Our areas of operations include Hisec, Lowsec and Nullsec space. We have groups dedicated to industry, mining, PvP and PvE.

We are a member of The Curatores Veritatis Auxiliary Alliance, sister alliance of one of the EVE’s oldest player groups known as Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), founded in 2004.

Our alliance is not subject to war declarations which allows us to move throughout Hisec with no danger coming from Hisec mercenaries or wardec proxies while we are relying and have full access to our sister alliance, Curatores Veritates Alliance, infrastructure.

For more information please visit our in-game CCA Public chat channel, contact in-game Uriel Rotineque, Corp CEO, or check here for more information.

Come fly with us…

Pochven (Trig) standing grind, Camp & Chill, Filament Roam, Mining Fleet… are forming up.

Still looking for like minded players.

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