Looking for Long term stable supplier of Triglavian Salvage items. Preferred to handle the trade around Amarr area

As the title has suggested, looking for a long-term stable supplier of Triglavian stuff for my corp. If there is a Trig space corp that I can get in touch with that would be even better. Thanks in advance guys!

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Should be ample on the jita market, seeing as caldari space is where most of the WH’s spawn, amarr space didn’t lose many systems so supply is lower way out there, most of the salvage will come from the WH spawns, which can be farmed fairly trivially at this point

Thanks for replying. I have tried this method before. The risk was not worth it. Besides fierce competition, CODE and Safety are always hanging around hunting people in the Caldari space. Actually I am willing to pay for the extra cost for having the item right at the Amarr given the fact that direct contracts can save both buyer and seller’s money. Hate the tax from the public market.

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