Looking for merc's that do assassination contracts

Looking to hire some Mercenary’s to kill someone who killed me while I was transporting around 350 million isk in stuff

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What are you willing to pay for the killmail?

Willing to pay up to 60 million

nobody will do it is think :slight_smile:

I’m not undocking for less than 200M. 50% upfront (100M), 50% when killmail is posted. Full refund of course if I can’t complete the job (victim doesn’t undock, I can’t login, etc.)

If you agree with the conditions, send the ISK and the name of the offender by ingame mail (don’t post here).

ive sent u the 100million and the name of the dude

Confirmed, received the ISK and name.

If I accepted this contract I’d contact the victim, make a pre-arranged duel kill in a corvette at his convenience, and split the fee with him…

OP - I take it you’re aware that capsuleers are immortal ?

OP only has a single km on his kb a lossmail of an empty Iteron V in lowsec so maybe he ejected the cargo before dying and that is the guy who he is looking to get killed? :thinking:

Let’s see, I’m currently investigating the back story. There is also some foul play of the OP behind the scenes. Maybe story time later.

@Dravick_Afterthought spoiler alarm :stuck_out_tongue: I sent a mail to the name given to me. It’s not the player on the Iteron killmail.

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makes sense since i died on a different account and foul play u mean me wanting to cancel the assassination request since my friend told me he’d do it for free then u saying i cant cancel it still never killed the person i asked u to kill or given me back the 100million i paid up front so who is the one doing the foul play

Hahaha, this is not what happened. :smiley: Do you really want me to share everything?

make sure when u tell them u say how u harassed me and tryed saying we had a contract with we had a deal not a contract and saying ill only let u cancel if ur friend killed them first is not letting me cancel with btw i have all right to cancel as it was a deal not a contract so if u add all that please go ahead tell them the story

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Nothing much to add here. The conditions can be read above. Except that you threatened me with reporting to CCP because of harassment, if I continue to insist on the deal.

no i can prove i followed up on that report and did report u so that means its not a threat since i followed threw

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:heart: There is love all around :heart:

and i said ill report you for haressment if u contacted me again as i stated not to contact me again witch in some parts of the world and were i live if someone says not to contact the again and u do thats harassment

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:popcorn: Nice little thread. :smiley: :smiling_imp:

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cant tell is that message a sarcastic one

It means I find this little back and forth entertaining to read, hence the popcorn and the smiling face, and it is a bit “evil” as your negative situation entertains me hence the evil face. :slight_smile: