Looking for miners industrials and PVPers to go do things in Low-Sec (EU-UA TZ)

o7 We are a indy/pvp corp on the alliance No Forks Given we live in the LS and some HS systems of amarr. We got to offer
● Dark ochre, gneiss and in general LS anom ores
● Moons from R4 to R64
● Gas huffing
● Many stations fully rigged in many regions
● Ice harvesting
● Active and relatively big group (+700 members)
● Mining and PVP fleets everyday
● Low taxes (0,9%)
● PVP fleets everyday in Low Sec and Null sec
● Buyback of everything at 95% jita buy at our main HQ

If got any question about us feel free to ask us on discord or in our public channel
No Forks Given | Alliance | zKillboard Gjallarhorn Incorporated | Corporation | zKillboard

Come talk with us in Discord

Good morning morioh cho

we can go up?:pleading_face:

Yes sir, up we go !

to the moon


up we go

up again!

bump cause tomorrow is friday

Bump to remember we are having great days!

up we go


to the moon

Still recruiting!