Looking for miners industrials PVPers and PVE'rs in Low-Sec (EU-US TZ mainly) [GJARN] in No Forks Given [SPORK]

o7 We are a indy/pvp corp on the alliance No Forks Given we live in the LS and HS systems of amarr. We got to offer
● Dark ochre, gneiss and others LS anom ores
● +50 Moons from R4 to R64
● Gas huffing
● Many stations fully rigged in many regions
● Ice harvesting
● Active and relatively big group (+900 members)
● Mining and PVP fleets everyday
● Low taxes (0,9%)
● PVP fleets regularly in Low Sec or Null sec
● T1 to Capital production rigged stations
● Good PI planets to run your planetary indy

If got any question about us feel free to ask us on discord or in our public channel GJARN PUBLIC

Come talk with us in Discord

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