Looking for MTU / Mission Poppin' Corp


As it says in title.

Seems something “interesting” :sweat_drops: to get into.

There’s not really corporations for this, you can do it solo.

Indeed it is mostly solo activity. MTU “hunting” is simple, much like exploration, you can do both at the same time too, just go around and scan down MTUs and destroy them then grab the loot if something valuable drops. Baiting mission runners is basically the same just also involves deliberately stealing their loot or combined with the first subject shooting their MTUs when on grid and see if they will shoot you so you can engage them.

Yeah, wanted to say the same. It’s a nice solo profession. Hint: check out the invasion locations. :wink: Also it’s a nice profession to pop the MTU poppers. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, thanks :slight_smile: Are there any in-game chat channels or anything, rather than corp?

Unlikely, because opsec safes your live. You read the popping the poppers part above? For example I like to track down suspect aspirants from the forum down for a killmail.

Conclusio, as you make yourself a target with hunting MTUs, you shouldn’t share that in public but only with trusted people. Though I assume you are posting on an alt, so you did the first thing right before starting. :wink:

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