Looking for new Potential Sov Holders


I am scouting for potential small/mid size alliances that have an interest in owning some sov null. Starting at 1-2 systems. Currently we have vacancies in our coalition that need to be filled.

PVP, coalition ops are generally required, especially for sov. Keep and maintain your own system (Keeping the ADM up) The ideal size of the alliance would be about 200+ members but we can make exceptions in smaller groups.

So if you would like to own sov in 0.0 and make isk and do pvp we have the opportunity for you.

Also seeking small industrial corp for 0.0. Small PVP corp as well 10-15 members each roughly.

Mail me in Game: Cj Allyn
and we can set up a time to chat on comms or convo.

You can also reach me on discord: Chuck#2991

Whitch coallition is it?
What systems?

judging by the character that posted this it is in Provi @Tryme_Trymsson This toon shows to be in Severance


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If so, this is great for budding lowsec/highsec groups!

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