Looking for Null Sec Alliance for Our Corporation


We are from Garuda Union , we are mostly “Indonesian” players who live in AUTZ. We are a wormhole corporation and looking forward to expanding ourselves to Null Sec, because we are pretty much done with the wormhole stuff and now it’s the correct time to moving on to the new chapter of our life. So, we are looking for an alliance who can provide us with good contents and help us to improve.

Our Profile :

  • Most members are experienced wormhole pilots ranging from 5 M - 50M+ SP;
  • The oldest and a tight-knit Indonesian Corporation;
  • The only Indonesian corp who can provide Indonesian newbies;
  • Indonesian & English speaking community; and also
  • We embrace the memes Pepega

What we can offer :

  • Willing to move our main and assets to live in Null Sec HQ systems;
  • Willing to be active to join fleet ops (especially in AUTZ time);
  • Willing to train our skill towards doctrine ships; and
  • Willing to make sure there are no corporate spies.

Garuda Union YouTube Videos

Contact/Mail us in the game :
Arven Sahara Levan (CEO)
Reinhearth Alfonse (Diplomat)
Tukang Batu (Diplomat)


TNKLE maybe I think they’re mostly AU

Wassup. So we have some crossover to AU tz. But not too much. However, we still have lots of content in that TZ and we do have AU members.

We have nullsec, lowsec, highsec, and wh stuff

thank you… I’l look forward into it :slight_smile:

thank you for the offer sir :slight_smile: I’ll contact you if we’re interested :+1:


Sent in Game Mail

o7 thank you for reaching out to us, sir :slight_smile: we’ll contact you if we’re interested :+1:

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