Looking for ONE good PvP Pilot


I hope this is the correct thread.

I am offering isk and services, in exchange for services.

About me:
I am an Industrialist, plain and simple. That is what I enjoy about this game, and that is all I want to do. Unfortunately, Industry = money, and new faces tend to disrupt the market in ways that other, more established, industrials would rather avoid. Especially when my personal views on Industry and markets, conflict with the status quo.

What I am looking for:
A single FC/PvP hardened pilot who is looking to start something of their own. Something that will grow, and be feared.
I am looking for a pilot to focus on PVP, and let me focus on the Industry.
I am looking for a pilot who can create compact, fast, lethal doctrines, for every racial ship from Frigates to Battle Cruisers.
I am looking for a pilot who is not afraid to piss off the powers that be.
I am looking for a pilot who can be online at least as much as I am (3 days a week)
I am looking for a pilot who can improvise, adapt, and annihilate
I am looking for a pilot who can be trusted
I am looking for a pilot who can recruit KILLERS, not just warm drone bunnies.
I am looking for a pilot who will help me achieve my goals, while they make a name for themselves
I am looking for a pilot to show other PvPers just how little you care about your ship, or your clones

What you can expect, if you are THAT pilot:
I will provide a generous monthly Isk stipend to your corporation
I will supply you with monthly shipments of fitted ships (T1 hulls - T2 fittings)
I will pay individual bonuses for every sanctioned kill
I will pay all Wardec costs associated with my operations
I will allow you to pursue alternate forms of revenue, so long as my operations take a priority
I will provide your pilots, 0% taxes on any and all services in my control, Safe harbor in all structures I own, regardless of location.

How to apply:
Message me in game with your zkillboard, your name (in case you need to use an alt to contact me) and your reason for wanting this position.

I am looking to start this private army in the near future, so do not expect an immediate activation.

Changing the face of EvE is never immediate.


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Needs to be in the recruitment section of the forum.

I actually play something like that, RTS style. Let me know if you’re interested. I could use a hand at making warmachines machines.

Wow your KB’s terrible. Looks to me like you’re biting off way more than you can chew fam.

Pft. Don’t have to be the best pvp pilot to teach pilots how to fly. How do you even reason with yourself to come to that conclusion? My kb is going to suffer one way or another when taking on noobs. That’s a given. Go **** somewhere else. An electric fence maybe. I don’t play this game to stroke out on my kb.

No no, I mean your own personal KB is atrocious. How do you plan to teach, when it’s painfully clear that you don’t even understand the fundamentals? And FYI teachers generally understand, and are proficient in the subject matter they’re teaching- just a protip.

LMAO. Go outside bro. Your brain is rotting.

How generous?

You have to be basically proficient or you’re not going to know if you’re teaching actual working tactics or nothing but stuff you think sounds like it might work.

I teach pilots basics like how the dscan tool works. Where FW anomalies spawn and general game mechanics. Overview settings. Module tabs and hot keys. All practical things. As for technique, their improvement is nearly always immediately noticeable. It all comes very naturally for me and I enjoy it. I took a new pilot with those strange small shield booster fits, with armor and shield active modules. I teach them how to fit and they actually go and get a solo kill soon after sometimes. But go on, you masters of pvp. Teach me your ways.

Cool your jets dude I wasn’t trying to dog pile you. It’s commendable that you’re willing to spend your game time teaching others. It is obviously important to stick to what you know and not over advertise, which is why I made the clarification to your statement about not having to be good at something to teach it.

You shouldn’t twist my words. I said one doesn’t have to be the best at something to teach it, and that is true in every professional sport.

It was contextual that you weren’t talking about a single person, it’s a popular para-phrase meaning skill is not the primary concern. I would say that skill and teaching ability are of equally paramount value when selecting a teacher. What would you prioritise?

Skill and teaching ability go hand in hand. A limit or failure in one is a comprise in the translation of the other. Which is why finding a true master is so rare. I know plenty of great FC’s that are truly terrible at solo pvp, and great solo artists that fumble and fail when leading others. Such examples are everywhere in Eve.

I’m glad we agree :grinning:

A parting word of advice from Oreb, then.

Don’t sit on your hands for too long waiting for the perfect teacher, because when he finds you, there’s a chance you might not be the student he’s looking for.

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