Looking for ownerless C3 Wolfrayet wormhole system (Willing to pay ISK.)

Looking for a wormhole in Amarr space leading to a ownerless C3 Wolfrayet system, ideally in high or low sec space amarr. The wormhole system must have no stations, and no citadels. (customs stations are perfectly ok.) Contact Rahan Acros in Eve Online with location if you find one.

You need to get ahold of Wingspans Location service. They advertise in the services section, they work amazingly well.

I have 2wormholes c3 with wolfryet effect, one is LS and Null no structures
Whats in it for me?

As much as I love the content provided by WINGSPAN, I wouldn’t trust them not to seed the system for later…

All I have is my experience is I’ve used them to find I think 4 WHs now, and it’s worked flawlessly every time and I’ve never seen Wingspan in them again so take it for what it’s worth. I imagine most wormholes, especially the valuable ones, are seeded by multiple groups already.

I doubt anyone would bother seeding a c3 unless the group living there had upset someone and they were evicting them. But you’d have to seriously have annoyed one of the larger groups for that to happen.

Most of the larger wh groups have a seed in all the other larger groups home holes. Mostly for Intel on when they’re conducting a rage roll fleet.

C1: not seeded.
C2: the only “valuable” C2s are those with a nullsec and c5 or 6 static.
C4: highly unlikely to be seeded unless it has a spectacular combination of attractive features. This would include things like a desirable system effect (magnetar), C3 and C5 or 6 statics and possibly perfect PI in system. One such example would be J231710 (i used to live in there :slight_smile: ).
Evicting a well setup group from a low class WH is a PITA. They can throw Dreads at you, you cannot throw Dreads at them. I know this because we sent one group packing when they attempted to dislodge us from '710 by throwing a dozen capitals and a solid heavy armour Machariel fleet at them.

In C5 and C6 space, pretty much all systems with desirable effects have been claimed as either home or bearholes by the larger wh groups.
If you want a c5/6 Magnetar for example, be prepared to fight Lazerhawks for it.
Most of c5 space has been claimed and used as bearholes. If you pick your target carefully, you may be able to evict the occupants as there’s a lot of very small or inactive groups with a structure in C5 space. Go for a vanilla hole with a relatively undesirable static (c1,2,3,4) and you might be able to hold onto it.

Basically all C6s have been claimed. Most of the groups active in c6 space have multiple bearholes with c6 statics. Given the relatively small number of c6s, it’s quite feasible to rage roll a fleet into a specific system in response to an eviction attempt.

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