Looking for people I played other games with who might be in Eve

This is a really really long shot … I am looking for some players from ‘XWing vs Tiefighter’ when online matches were held on the MSN Gaming Zone … (around 1997). These are specific guys I flew with regularly who I lost touch with as I made the jump to ‘Homeworld’ then into Eve Online beta. I’d like to believe some of them might have made their way to New Eden (although granted may no longer be here).

I am looking for (Gaming Zone name, not their Eve name):


At that time, my game name was Perseus and I was one of the leaders of our group which grew to about 180 pilots, and I was generally fairly well known in the community by this name.

Especially looking out for Sensei and EF_Viper who were my closest ‘friends’ (when having internet friends was still regarded as extremely weird).

And in passing, if anyone reading this remembers Grand Admiral Newbie … give me a shout :slight_smile:

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A lot of the old groups have left, I had a look for old members of Black Guard, and others we flew with and 95% of their characters are dead accounts.

I would say less than 3% of current players were around in the 2003-4 period of EVE, i know i lost me beta login due to change of email address, but luckily my 2004 account is all good.

So wish you luck finding them. Darkstar and Tazman both look familiar

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The guys I started Eve with, Hadean Drive Yards, have all gone. As have the spin off corps too, although I did catch one of the girls I started with in 2003, she logs on once a year now !

But yeah it’s a big ask to find the guys that pre-date Eve but who ‘might’ be still here … if they ever were.

Aaaah good old times evading vaygr fleets…

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Blimey, blast from the past! Used to play Mechwarrior way back when…

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