Looking for pilots that are tired to being constanly told what they have to do!

The Rusty Dozen - Member of the GameTheory Empire alliance.

Our corp and the alliance we are part of are founded on providing mulitple areas of operation to play the game how you want to play it. No CTAs, no requirements, no being told how to play the game on your time.

We have AOs in Heimatar, Metropolis, Derilik, Wicked Creek and wormhole space! Seeking members to fill out the ranks so there are more people to fly what ever it is you want to do in whichever AO you want to do it in.

Our corp operates from a C4 with C3 and C5 static connections with experienced members in inustry, combat anomalies, exploration, missions, abyssal site running, mining and PvP.

If you are interested please get in touch with one of our recruiters, or come on over to our discord and have a chat.

Enjoy freedom with The Rusty Dozen.
In Rust we Trust

Feel free to come on over to TRDZN Pub message a recruiter. or hit us up on discord
The Rusty Dozen #wormhole #industrial #pvp #pve

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