Looking for Recruitment Personnel


Me and some old friends are revitalizing an old corp we had. We are looking for a few dedicated personnel to assist in recruiting and potentially taking up leadership positions. We have the ISK and ability to facilitate gameplay for newer players. We are currently in highsec with access to ice nearby and there are a few local moons we can work off of and a local freeport azbel. We have access to jump freighters and other tools of the trade we just need to get some dudes together to start growing. We’d like to stay in hi sec and stay away from the politics of the bigger guys. We all have experience in pvp and nullsec life but we are looking for a slower paced lifestyle for a bit while we build numbers. We aren’t opposed to training newbies at all.

So if you are looking to take a leadership role in a corp and help build it from the ground up send me a mail in game and we can get you into discord and start laying the groundwork.



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