Looking for remote software over a slow connection - 1 frame at a time

o7 all.

I am looking for remote software to control a fleet while I’m away (e.g. at work, store, etc.), but all I seem to find are “high speed” or streaming remote desktop software. I presently use Chrome Remote Desktop while I’m in the house so I can play while cooking, but while I’m away from the house I cannot use that due to data restrictions on my phone.

What I’m looking for is 1 frame at a time. Give me the current view, let me position the mouse, click it, and then hit a button to manually update the frame when I request it.

I do a lot of hauling and market shinanegans. It would be nice to peek in on where my autopilot is currently, or how a market is performing without maxing out my data plan by mid month.

If anyone knows of something that can pull this off, please let me know or I’m going to start writing it myself this weekend.

As always, fly awesomely. o7

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