Looking for Small GANG Hisec / lowse PVP corp US EST Zone

Ill be frank, On the game to to have fun. Eve veteran since 2005, New main im on now. Looking for hi-sec, grab your balls no frills all about the kills, or small gang Hi-Sec, Low-sec, Really dont care for NULL unless you have the PVP numbers. Im about the content. Hit me up. If you wont udock, dont know how to FC or fight, PLEASE save yourself some time and not send me a copy paste. Im blunt, relaxed, veteran ( us army) and eve vet, Brash, and funny. You will either love me or hate me. I have no filter and no time for igonorance. Who wants a new gun?

Thanks Fellas… talk to you soon

If you provide your preferred time zone, it will help to narrow down your best choices.

thanks for the advice, Great suggestion. US EST

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