Looking for this teen girl magazine

(Akkad Akaya) #1

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Athra Girl magazine? I’ve looked in every station I have docked in and can’t seem to find a copy. I would check baseliner stores planetside but I’m not sure it isn’t sold out there too. I don’t have the time to leave Khanid space at this time and was wondering if I could send someone to another system that had it, for me, if I can actually find a store to reserve it for them.

My help isn’t cleared for planetside so it would need to be a station shop. Thanks.

Lord Akkad Akaya

Athra Girl Magazine OOC Discussion
(Valerie Valate) #2

You can probably get back issues from the publisher. Just flash a little cash.

Although I must say that this is one of the odder threads I’ve seen on these new boards.

(m1thr0s) #3

My slaves read that magazine all the time. My studio does some of the layouts for them when their regular designer is on vacation, and their photo retouching. I just checked and we have several copies. The reason it’s so hard to find is because it’s mostly subscription based and they almost only carry it at certain girls boutiques that are licensed to carry it. I know for sure you can get it in that huge bookstore in the station just above Athra.
If you want I can have someone pull this one apart and scan it for you, and send you the other one. I don’t know if they offer back issues, actually. Volume 7 issue 12, right?


Now that I look at it, I can see why you want to read it…:sunglasses:

(Akkad Akaya) #4

Oh, yeah! That would be great! Thanks brother. Knew somebody had to have this damned thing…lmao

Let me know where to send the ISK, and I would love it if you posted the scans here so I can see it sooner. You don’t have to post the whole thing, just the relevant parts.

(m1thr0s) #5

No problem Lord Akaya. No payment is necessary. If you ever need graphic design work for any of your companies we would be happy to service your needs, please keep us in mind if it pleases you.

Congratulations on the honor your daughter has brought to your family.

Here’s the link to the flipbook of the pages I scanned. I had them remove all the double-sided ads. I think that’s all of the relevant bits.



((Old link broke))

(Loai Qerl) #6

Goodness, I used to read that. It’s about time a proper Khanid girl got on the cover, not just hanging about in the backs of group shots. She must be very proud!

(Akkad Akaya) #7

Meh, once she finds out I’m posting on the IGS about it I’m sure she’ll be hiding under her covers with a paper bag over her head…

For some reason I have never read this magazine ever. What have I been missing?!

(Maria Daphiti) #8

But I like the Ads! Always good suggestions for the most Holy and Devout Fashionistas.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #9

I should approach them about getting a column…

(Mizhir) #10

“10 things that are included in Aldrith Shutaq’s hair care routine. Number 7 will make your jaw drop”

(Aradina Varren) #11

I’m having flashbacks to the horrible magazines I used to see on store shelves or on tables in waiting rooms.

“10 fashion tips for surviving YOUR service!” and other slightly morbid titles were common.

(Coulter Phelps) #12

Are 2018 subscriptions available? :laughing:

(Diana Kim) #13

Hmm, interesting! The modern Amarr culture for teen girls!
It would be nice to compare our cultures.
Actually, there was a thing that I always wanted to know but was afraid to ask…

Speaking about the trends for Amarr teen girls…
… which guns do they prefer currently?

(Elmund Egivand) #14

It’s probably filled with hair buns, robes and embroidery from cover to cover. And Empress Catiz is on the cover page to serve as role model.

(Diana Kim) #15

What guns does Empress Catiz prefer?..

(Elmund Egivand) #16

Titan-class guns.

(Akkad Akaya) #17

Strike Commander Kim,

Within Khanid the influence of the Caldari State is seen everywhere. The Khanid people have always had a peculiar burden within Amarr society, to protect and defend the faith in both war and peace, through the use of espionage and raw force. This is the meaning of the color we carry on our hulls, temples and outposts, silver for the steel of the blade or gun, the pale light of the moon that shines in darkness and guided us in ancient times in our strike operations, and black for the way of death that is also of the Lord.

It is not appropriate for the True Amarr to have to deal with this sort of thing as rigorously as we do, theirs is the white of purity and gold of divine inspiration and the true religion itself. In this sense the Khanid are far more pragmatic, necessarily so, in their outlook on the world and its problems. As well as this we have a sense of strict and rational hierarchy, something which Caldari adheres to as well. The Caldari and the Khanid people took an immediate liking to each other, and some say that were it not for Khanid the alliance between our two great nations would not exist.

I am not one of those, but I must admit that we do have a special relationship that isn’t as obvious within Amarr proper itself. Visiting Khanid is said to be a surreal admixture of Caldari and Amarr culture. The reasons for this are varied. True Amarr focuses on their own identity intensely, as they have a tremendous theological responsibility to uphold - nothing less than perfection itself in the eyes of an all-powerful deity who communicates in very subtle ways.

Amarr did conduct raids into Caldari space, but these were quickly halted when our leaders figured out that the Caldari were both industrious and well equipped to take care of their own. The history books will say something about us respecting the Caldari’s moral fiber - and this is true - but the real reason is that no one would dare touch the Caldari is they were hardened fighters equal to the Khanid themselves. This is the core of the Caldari and Amarr synergy and friendship- we are both battle-hardened and are fairly well pleased with just honing our weapons and our culture. That culture is inseparable from our religious ideas.

I have found Caldari to be fanatically religious in some cases. We have quite a number of converts to our religion. The Amarr religion suits those who value the purpose and honor to be found in warfare, and the Caldari have always placed equal importance on schooling and martial proficiency. This is something Khanid finds agreeable as it is our way as well. The most venerated symbol of our religion within Amarr and Khanid is the Atash Amarr, or flame of the soldier, which is both a symbol of the fiery spirit of the Lord as well as a physical eternal flame kept at various temples around the Empire. The Caldari have invested some thought into the consideration of natural phenomenon as facets of the most high, in their own way of course. This veneration of natural elemental holiness and the focus on perfecting Man in the eyes of God rather than focusing on God himself is a trait that the Khanid - even the royal family - respects and is a view of our religion through a lense which the Caldari could appreciate. It isn’t different from True Amarr religion at all, but it’s a piece of a much larger whole where we approach the vastness of deity from a different angle than is normally preferred within Domain or other Amarr proper regions.

Coupled with the threat to Caldari from an extremely degenerate and unethical Gallente Federation, it became obvious during the initial contact with these lost brethren that we could no longer operate under the same Reclamation procedures that failed us in the war with the Jovians and Minmatar. It was taken as a sign from God by many of us, myself included, that times were changing.

Subtlety and cunning are both valued by the State and by the Kingdom. I’ve met many True Amarr who didn’t like this sort of thing and left it to the experts instead - namely, me. I rarely come out of retirement anymore to manage these affairs but I can assure you that Khanid still has spies everywhere, as does the Caldari State. This is something that both Empires can admire about each other, in general, at least through those of us who knew that side of the wars.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #18

Instructions in magazine were unclear; my Navy Omen is now covered in pink glitter and stickers of Amash-Akura.

FC, please advise.

(Loai Qerl) #19

Apply more silver glitter and Kingdom decals immediately.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #20

Instructions unclear; My body is covered in silver glitter, Hail To The King, I’m now a heretic.