Looking for Trading Partner

Looking for buyers to use my modules and salvage stock.

Hello, my name is Jack Praimm and I am looking for someone who can buy my large quantities of modules and salvage.

Maybe someone needs these things to process them further and, if necessary, to manufacture something with them.
There are so many modules / salvages that it is not worth selling all of them on the market, as there are over 500-1000 objects.

I am a German EvE player and I am active in 2017. I’m the typical mission runner and fly my LvL 4 missions near Dodixie.

Furthermore, I still have 2 accounts that stick to my main character with the Noctis, in order to soak up everything.

My corp consists of my friends and myself.

We create a value of 500,000,000 - 2,000,000,000 ISK in modules and salvage per week.

For us, of course, real life also comes first, hence this range.

Alone this week 19.4 -25.4 we have collected a value of 1,000,000,000 and are now looking for a partner who is interested in buying the things.

I would also like to sit down with you to agree on a percentage discount so that the buyer can save on the whole thing.

Furthermore, I would also offer to send my transporter out and deliver the material to your desired station. But we only do this if it is in high sec.

Unfortunately I can’t find a contact person in the German forum and so I try the English forum.

I hope there is someone who is interested in the modules and salvage.

If you are interested, simply invite an EvE mail or directly to a conversation

With best regards

Jack Praimm

I’ll pay 85% jita buy on it no matter where it is long as it is highsec

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